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Jaq Avery


 Jaq is an actor and producer based in Melbourne. She has studied her craft extensively over the past several years, including spending a summer abroad, training at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City. Jaq has starred in short films such as Rush (2016), Bereavement (2015), and The Perfect Canvas (2014), and has been seen on stage in Breathing Corpses (One Little Room), Attempts on Her Life (NIDA Open), Arsehole (Junior Space), and A Midsummer Nights Dream (Portland Theatre Group). Jaq is currently completing her Masters in Arts and Cultural Management at the University of Melbourne.

Jo Boyd

Jo is a mother, a grandmother and a small business owner and also really enjoys modelling and creative photography. She has a real passion for acting which has steered her toward film and podcasting and in all of this she relishes a good challenge! Jo's films include The Last Hope, To Love Somebody, Dark Night of the Zomboogies, Blue, Faberge Black, and The Faceless Man. She is currently filming Of Course God Is Italian. Jo also featured in the music video Which Witch is Which. Jo would love to take on more featured speaking roles and extras work.

Daniel Brasher

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Contemporary Art in 2012 Daniel has performed in a string of independent features and short films as well as toured a variety of theatre shows including cabaret, musicals, children's theatre and physical theatre. An award-winning songwriter and performer, he currently fronts the indie rock trio Surfer Rosa.

April Garreffa

April is currently in her third and final year of study at Federation University Arts Academy, Musical Theatre. While dabbling in the mainstream working as an extra, the indi arts culture is where April belongs. She is unafraid and eager to tell stories about human nature, drugs, relationships, sex, survival and anything else society labels as taboo. April's most notable involvements have been performing in Don't Bring Lulu (2013) written by Kerith Manderson-Galvin and having a short bit part in the film Innuendo written, directed and starred in by Saara Lamberg which recently had a sold out season at the Nova Cinema Carlton.

Justin Groves


Axle Gunn

My work included a feature film entitled Genesis (2017), and also in The Rizen (2017) and The Rizen II (2018). I featured in internationally renowned singer/songwriter MIKA’s music video 'Good Guys' (2015) as well as Will Young’s music video 'Thank You' (2015) . In theatre I performed with London Central Drama School graduates in Just Do Right by Atramental Theatre (2016). Also with Edifice Dance Theatre in Salome (2016) and Synaes Theatre Collective project The Raven (2015). My biggest achievement in the UK was writing, directing and acting in my film Acceptance. Acceptance has been played in 13 International film festivals so far including the prestigious Iris Film Festival and Sunscreen Film Festival where I received a nomination for best actor in Los Angeles.


A career spanning several decades, Axle Gunn has magnetized audiences with his chilling portrayals of darker roles in film. Axle has worked in various roles in the entertainment industry including; Radio/TV News presenter, musician, voice artist and versatile actor. Diversifying into a number of different multimedia platforms, Axle has accomplished praise for his hard work in the independent and corporate entertainment industries. Highlights of his career include The Golden Dragon 2 (1998), Fun (2012), Collateral Damage (2012), Red Sky (2015), The Tormentors (2015), Then and Now (2016), and Kicks (2016).

Scott Knight


Scott can be seen in the indi-film Marital Problems, winner best screenplay and best comedy at the 2017 Melbourne Underground Film Festival. Previous credits include the post-apocalyptic indie feature The Man in Vegas and in the indie sci-fi flick The Green Woman. Trained in performance at Melbourne’s celebrated Verve Studios, Scott easily moves between theatre, film and tv, playing a variety of diverse roles including the three characters of High Court Judge, Policeman and Mining Magnate in the theatre production of The Exception and the Rule. Scott has recently starred in several short films including Wild CardA Hug of YaYa and Death in the Office.

Imbi Leili Ling


Imbi Leili is an extremely passionate and dedicated actress having worked on her craft since the age of 8. Her authentic versatile acting is influenced by her years of study at renowned institutions such as 16th Street, The Film and Television Studio International Melbourne, Queensland University of Technology (BFAA), The Actors Lab, Gas Works Theatre and Perry Studios. She is a library of characters both comedic and dramatic.

Jaclyn Lombardo

Jaclyn is a character actor with depth, developing her skills on the theatre stage.  Jaclyn’s most recent performance was Veronica’s Room (2017). Other roles include Mad Forest (2016) and Shhh... Don't Tell the Bride (2014). Jaclyn has also brought characters to life in numerous productions with Drama with a Difference including, Desire and Delirium (2013), My Lover is an Extra Terrestrial (2012), and Modern Mayhem in a Time Poor World (2011).

Maree Shefford

Maree Shefford has appeared in many stage plays, short films and independent feature films.  She has taught dance and embodiment classes for women since 2007 and has now launched an acting series for beginners, ‘Acting 101 – Unleash Your Inner Thespian’. Her past theatre roles include Les Liaisons DangereusesAntigone, Summer Of The Seventeenth Doll touring production and Closing Time. Recent lead acting roles include Life On Mars and short film Jack Valentine.  She performed in the award winning UK theatre production Trilogy, and played Lily, in the TV Series Sonnigsburg as well as making a cameo appearance in the award winning independent feature film Innuendo.

Damian Vuleta


Since moving to Melbourne, Damian has performed in feature films (most recently Saara Lamberg’s Innuendo), TV shows (Working Dog's Utopia and a smashing debut in Underbelly: Squizzy) and a few commercials. He has also taken part in several plays and short films; these include Breed and A Matter of Life and Death at The Owl & Cat Theatre, The Dining Room at Hartnell Players, USS Pinafore with Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Victoria and Fear & Misery of the Third Reich with RobJester Productions. He has been afflicted with dozens of diseases and medical conditions, through regularly taking part in simulated patient work. He is editor of Theatrecraft for the Victorian Drama League (apprentices wanted) and currently his day job is at Minuteman Press



CHAPTER 31: The Organised Enquiry

CHAPTER 31 The Organised Enquiry

Scene 1:  Another production meeting takes place at Dramaticus but the team seem to be more focused on gossip than work.
FEATURING: Justin Groves, Axle Gunn, Scott Knight, Imbi Leili Ling, Jaclyn Lombardo, Maree Shefford, and Samsara
Scene 2: Sophia finally manages to get in contact with Flora to find out what she is up to in London.
FEATURING: Jaq Avery and Malaynee Hayden
Scene 3: The production meeting continues and Ruby plans Flora's Sweet 16 birthday surprise.
FEATURING: Justin Groves, Axle Gunn, Scott Knight, Imbi Leili Ling, Jaclyn Lombardo, Maree Shefford, and Samsara

Meet Emerald Bannister


Emerald has had a difficult life lately. It did not begin this way.  She was raised in a beautiful, loving family and traveled the world with them.  She and her sister, Sienna, were best of friends despite the age difference, and both shared the dream of becoming actors like their father.  The talks Michael was having with Disney was actually for a television series starring both young women and their future looked bright.

Five years ago in Las Angeles the family were driving home from dinner when a drunk driver ran into their car.  Emerald's mother was instantly killed and her father and herself were permanently injured.  Only Sienna escaped unharmed and even though her sister stayed with her and supported her completely, Emerald could not help feeling resentment that she was left unscathed.  

Emerald suffered burns to 40% of her body and has been left with permanent burn scars on her legs and face, as well as an enduring weakness.  The doctors have done what they …

CHAPTER 30: The Consumated Operations

CHAPTER 30: The Consumated Operations
SCENE 1: The Consumation Edward invites Sienna up to his hotel room for a night cap after a long day.
FEATURING: Jaclyn Lombardo and Scott Knight
SCENE 2: The Operations (pt 1) Ruby calls the family together for a production meeting.
FEATURING: Justin Groves, Axle Gunn, Scott Knight, Imbi Leili Ling, Jaclyn Lombardo, Maree Shefford and Samsara
SCENE 3: The Operations (pt 2) The family convinces Ruby to go against her wishes for the good of the company.
FEATURING: Justin Groves, Axle Gunn, Scott Knight, Imbi Leili Ling, Jaclyn Lombardo, Maree Shefford and Samsara
SCENE 4: The Hiring Maree invites Kirana to her office for a meeting.
FEATURING: Jo Boyd and Maree Shefford.

SIENNA I’m exhausted! I am glad the season is only 4 weeks. I don’t think I could handle this marathon for longer than that.
EDWARD Come, come Si. Take a seat while I pour you a brandy.
SIENNA Mmmmm. Brandy! You better be careful Ed or I’ll fall asleep.