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CHAPTER 27: The Nervous Welcome

Jo Boyd and Axle Gunn

SCENE 1: The Nerves
Edward can't seem to put on his costume and Henri and Sienna work to calm his opening night nerves.

FEATURING: Scott Knight, Imbi Leili Ling, Samsara and Damian Vuleta

SCENE 2: The Welcome
Kirana runs into Michael in the foyer and thanks him.

FEATURING: Jo Boyd and Axle Gunn

SCENE 3: The Snub (part 1)
Sophia catches up with Ruby at pre-show drinks.

FEATURING: Malaynee Hayden and Maree Shefford

SCENE 4: The Checks
Frank calls River and Emerald to the stage to help solve a last minute crisis.

FEATURING: Daniel Brasher, April Garrefffa, and Imbi Leili Ling




The patriarch of the Bannister Clan is Michael Bannister.

Axle Gunn is playing the role of Michael Bannister

A career spanning several decades, Axle Gunn has magnetized audiences with his chilling portrayals of darker roles in film. Axle has worked in various roles in the entertainment industry including; Radio/TV News presenter, musician, voice artist and versatile actor. Diversifying into a number of different multimedia platforms, Axle has accomplished praise for his hard work in the independent and corporate entertainment industries. Highlights of his career include The Golden Dragon 2 (1998), Fun (2012), Collateral Damage (2012), Red Sky (2015), The Tormentors (2015), Then and Now (2016), and Kicks (2016).
Michael was a creative and playful child.  He played a range of instruments, participated in student theatre, and loved his little sister Ruby.  His talents continued into adulthood and he attended a prominent acting school before going on to establish a spectac…

CHAPTER 26: The Outrageous Compromises

CHAPTER 26 The Outrageous Compromises

SCENE 1: The Outrage Dan and River call Emerald and Henri into a design meeting to solve some problems.
FEATURING: Dan Brasher, April Garreffa, Imbi Leili Ling, and Damian Vuleta
SCENE 2: The Compromise Henri convinces Edward to wear the right costume for the character of King Richard III
FEATURING: Scott Knight and Damian Vuleta
SCENE 3: The Arrival Sophia arrive in Australia and reminds Flora what she needs to do to make their plan work.