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Collectors Edition Box Set #5: Chapters 21 - 25

CHAPTERS 21 - 25
Jaclyn Lombardo, Axle Gunn, April Garreffa, Maree Shefford, Jaq Avery, Scott Knight, Justin Groves and Imbi Leili Ling

Chapter 21: The Friendly Constraints
We kickstart the story for 2019 at the first production meeting for the Dramaticus inaugural production meeting for Richard III. Tensions are high as Ruby tries to lead the family into calmer waters for their first big show. Later, Edward gets a Skype call from Flora who is at the Swiss finishing school La Femme Rafinee and she introduces him to her new friend Sophia.

Chapter 22: The Recovered Reading
The cast of Richard III begin the round table first read through of the play and Brick and Michael debrief over a drink at the Bistro bar at the end of the day.

Chapter 23: The Catchy Barrier
Brick tries to build bridges with Kirana. Two weeks later Ruby pops in after rehearsals of Richard III to check in with Michael about how things are going. As a result of that chat, Ruby invites Edward to the Bistro to tell how things are going to be. Another week passes and Ruby and Edward prepare for a Skype call with Flora.

Chapter 24: The Extended Understanding
Flora begs for a favour from Ruby and Edward, Brick and Sienna relax at the Bistro after a gruelling rehearsal, and the frost begins to thaw between Sienna and Edward.

Chapter 25: The Pleading Future
Ruby takes an early morning Skype call from Flora and Sophia who have hatched a plan and Frank and River talk about the future.


Jaq Avery as Flora Drummond
Jo Boyd as Kirana 
Daniel Brasher as Frank Medford
April Garreffa as Emerald Bannister
Justin Groves as Brick Murello
Axle Gunn as Michael Bannister
Malaynee Hayden as Sophia di Mondo
Scott Knight as Edward Drummond
Imbi Leili Ling as River Murello
Jaclyn Lombardo as Sienna Bannister
Maree Shefford as Ruby Drummond

Damian Vuleta as Henri

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CHAPTER 18: The Awkward Organisation

CHAPTER 18 The Awkward Organisation
Scene 1: The Awkwardness Brick and Kirana continue their awkward conversation in the Dramaticus foyer.
FEATURING: Justin Groves and Samsara
Scene 2: The Organisation River and Frank take one step forward and then one step back in their budding relationship.
FEATURING: Daniel Brasher and Imbi Leili Ling
Scene 3: The Destruction Flora loses control of herself and makes the biggest mistake of her life so far.
Scene 4:  The Panic River has prepared a surprise for Sienna but it is both of them who get the surprise.
FEATURING: Imbi Leili Ling and Jaclyn Lombardo

CHAPTER 25: The Pleading Future

CHAPTER 25 The Pleading Future LISTEN HERE
SCENE 1: The Future (part 1) Frank wakes up in the early hours of the morning and decides to wake River up too.
FEATURING: Daniel Brasher and Samsara
SCENE 2: The Pleading Ruby takes an early morning Skype call from Flora who has hatched a plan with Sophia.
FEATURING: Jaq Avery, Malaynee Hayden and Maree Shefford
SCENE 3: The Future (part 2) The alarm wakes Frank and River again and as they get ready for work they talk about the future.

CHAPTER 8: The Fantastic Insinuation

CHAPTER 8: The Fantastic Insinuation

Scene 1: The Convincing Ensemble Salon Flora convinces the French couturier to the stars Henri to dress her for the launch.
FEATURING: Jaq Avery and Damian Vuleta
Scene 2: The Insinuation The Dramaticus Stage Brick discovers Edward is making moves on Kirana
FEATURING: Scott Knight, Gabrielle Savrone, and Justin Groves
Scene 3: The Fantasy part 1 Ensemble Salon Flora enjoys a personal runway show of the Princess Collection
FEATURING: Jaq Avery and Damian Vuleta
PLAYING ON Samsara sits down with Jaq Avery to find out a bit more about her career and the difficulties encountered by Flora Drummond.