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Playing On Series 2: MBRYO


MBRYO is the genius behind the theme music for The Players and also writes some very special compositions for us such as the runway music created for Henri's fashion show for Flora. In this, our first episode of Playing On for 2019 Samsara has sits down for a chat with him at The Ambitious Act Cafe to talk about their collaboration and also his background and other artistic projects.


In 2018 mbryo (Matt Brown) worked with the Horrendus team with an original score inspired by Byzantine chant, medieval instrumentation and a splash of distortion.  Also at the Comedy Festival last year, his music featured in Rod Lara’s Banjo at the Spiegeltent. 2017 saw mbryo working with Illumi-Nation Theatre on Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis, Daniel Keene’s Lost: 5 , and with Owl and Cat Theatre for Erasers, INT, A Very Modern Marriage, Asylum and A Matter Of Life And Death, amongst others.  For the screen his credits include Black Death (Global Mana Foundation),  Lifting Clouds (Medea Films), Polyamor and Wish (Kamizai Films) and The Phantom Frequency (NYFA).  His interest in gaming and interactivity has led to working with Arludo on educational mobile games and, previously, with Tentative Games on Lamb Slam. Trained at La Trobe University, mbryo incorporates numerous styles, including art and orchestral music, metal, blues and electro with a textural focus.  He also creates interactive, aleatoric audio/visual works for his band 'XIBE8' utilising computer and voice.



CHAPTER 26: The Outrageous Compromises

CHAPTER 26 The Outrageous Compromises

SCENE 1: The Outrage Dan and River call Emerald and Henri into a design meeting to solve some problems.
FEATURING: Dan Brasher, April Garreffa, Imbi Leili Ling, and Damian Vuleta
SCENE 2: The Compromise Henri convinces Edward to wear the right costume for the character of King Richard III
FEATURING: Scott Knight and Damian Vuleta
SCENE 3: The Arrival Sophia arrive in Australia and reminds Flora what she needs to do to make their plan work.

CHAPTER 25: The Pleading Future

CHAPTER 25 The Pleading Future LISTEN HERE
SCENE 1: The Future (part 1) Frank wakes up in the early hours of the morning and decides to wake River up too.
FEATURING: Daniel Brasher and Samsara
SCENE 2: The Pleading Ruby takes an early morning Skype call from Flora who has hatched a plan with Sophia.
FEATURING: Jaq Avery, Malaynee Hayden and Maree Shefford
SCENE 3: The Future (part 2) The alarm wakes Frank and River again and as they get ready for work they talk about the future.

Playing On Series #2: Maree Shefford

Samsara catches up with Maree Shefford to talk about what Maree has in store for 2019 and what she has learnt about her character Ruby Drummond over the months since we last spoke with her.