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Collectors Edition Box Set #3: Ch 11 - 15

CHAPTER 11: Emerald reaches out to Henri for help with Sienna's dress and Michael interrupts a planning session between River and Ruby.
CHAPTER 12: Micheal confronts Ruby about Flora, Henri works with Emerald on Sienna's dress, and Edward invites Kirana out for dinner.
CHAPTER 13: Ruby tries to mend her relationship with Flora, and Sienna and Brick run into Michael at the Bistro.
CHAPTER 14: Ruby has harsh words with River, Brick's evening is soured when he catches sight of Edward and Kirana, and Frank takes River out for a drink.
CHAPTER 15: Ruby finds Emerald crying about her mother and Edward takes a very drunk Kirana home.
FEATURING Jaq Avery as Flora Drummond Daniel Brasher as Frank Medford April Garreffa as Emerald Bannister Justin Groves as Brick Murello Axle Gunn as Michael Bannister Scott Knight as Edward Drummond Imbi Leili Ling as River Murello Jaclyn Lombardo as Sienna Bannister Gabrielle Reiher as Kirana Maree Shefford …

Playing On Gold Series #1: Damian Vuleta

PLAYING ON GOLD SERIES #1 DAMIAN VULETA LISTEN HERE In this episode we revisit Samsara's chat with Damian Vuleta who plays the couturier Henri.

CHAPTER 15: The Seductive Peacemaking

CHAPTER 15: The Seductive Peacemaking LISTEN HERE Scene 1: The Seduction Edward takes a very drunk Kirana home after their dinner at the Bistro.
FEATURING:  Gabrielle Reiher and Scott Knight
Scene 2: The Peacemaking Ruby drops in on Emerald to see how she is coping and to extend an olive branch.
FEATURING:  April Garreffa and Jo Boyd
PLAYING ON Samsara sits down to chat with Imbi Leili Ling to talk about her career so far and find out more about her character River Murello.

Playing On Gold Series #1: Jaq Avery

Samsara sits down with Jaq Avery to chat about her acting experience and to look at the character of Flora Drummond in depth and detail.

CHAPTER 14: The Remonstrated Beginning

CHAPTER 14 THE REMONSTRATED BEGINNING LISTEN HERE Scene 1: The Remonstration River and Frank are finalising staging details when Ruby walks in to have some harsh words with River.
FEATURING: Imbi Leili Ling, Daniel Brasher, and Maree Shefford
Scene 2: The Calming (part 2) Michael reveals the inaugural play for Dramaticus to Sienna and Brick, but after he leaves the evening is soured for Brick.
FEATURING: Axle Gunn, Daniel Brasher, and Jaclyn Lombardo
Scene 3: The Beginning River and Frank relax over after work drinks at the Bistro.
FEATURING: Daniel Brasher and Imbi Leili Ling
PLAYING ON In Playing On this week Samsara chats with Daniel Brasher about his new character, Frank.