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Playing On Gold Series #1: Axle Gunn

PLAYING ON GOLD SERIES #1 AXLE GUNN LISTEN HERE Samsara sits down with Axle Gunn to find out about his work as an actor and discover how he is developing the character of Micheal Bannister.

CHAPTER 13: The Surprise Calming

CHAPTER 13: The Surprise Calming LISTEN HERE
Scene 1: The Surprise Flora bursts in to Ruby's office to show her some new shoes and Ruby tries to mend their relationship.
FEATURING: Jaq Avery and Samsara
Scene 2: The Calming Sienna and Brick decide to stop in for a relaxing drink at the Bistro where they run into Michael. Brick tries to get Michael to spill the beans on the upcoming season at Dramaticus.
FEATURING: Daniel Brasher, Axle Gunn, and Jaclyn Lombardo
PLAYING ON This fortnight Samsara sits down to chat with Jaclyn Lombardo to discover her journey as an actor and find out about how she is approaching the creation of the character of Sienna Bannister.

Playing on Gold Series #1: Justin Groves

This week in Playing On Gold we revisit an interview with Justin Groves who plays the character of Brick Murello in The Players.

CHAPTER 12: The Seductive Ultimatum

Scene 1: The Ultimatum Michael confronts Ruby about giving Sienna's costume to Emerald.
FEATURING: Axle Gunn and Maree Shefford
Scene 2: The Seduction Edward convinces Kirana to mix business with pleasure by taking her out to dinner.
FEATURING: Gabrielle Reiher and Scott Knight
Scene 3: The Salvation Henri comes to the rescue as Emerald tries to figure out how to make Sienna's new dress into something special.
FEATURING: Jaclyn Lombardo, April Garreffa, Daniel Brasher, and Damian Vuleta
PLAYING ON Samsara sits down with April Garreffa to find out more about her journey as an actor and how she is developing the character of Emerald Bannister.