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CHAPTER 10: The Furious Decision

CHAPTER 10 The Furious Decision
Scene 1: The Fury Sienna, Emerald and River reel after the explosive bomb dropped by Ruby and Brick comes to the rescue.
FEATURING: Jaclyn Lombardo, Sophie Rose, Samsara, and Justin Govees
Scene 2: The Decision Flora finally makes a decision at Ensemble to the great relief of Henri.
FEATURING: Jaq Avery and Damian Vuleta
PLAYING ON Samsara has a chat with Jaclyn Lombardo about her background and process, and gives us some insight into the character Sienna Bannister.


In order to bring The Players into your presence, Dan A'Vard has taken a wonderful portfolio of production photos which will be revealed as the drama progresses. Below are some behind the scenes pics of the photo shoot to let you see some of the crazy fun we have.

Dan A'Vard
Dan is a Melbourne based portrait and lifestyle photographer who loves telling stories through photography. For as long as Dan can remember he has loved photography: taking photos, looking at photos or talking about photos. For years though, he was terrified of photographing people! The day that Dan finally broke through that barrier he found my calling: to connect with, empower and challenge people through beautiful, authentic portraiture. Dan specialises in headshots, personal/lifestyle portraits and branding portraits. You can find out more about him at

Behind the scenes of The Players photo shoot (these photos by Samsara)

CHAPTER 9: The Revealing Fantasy

CHAPTER 9: The Revealing Fantasy
Scene 1: The Fantasy part 2 Ensemble Salon Henri presents Flora with the Bridal Collection only to receive an unsurprising response.
FEATURING: Jaq Avery and Damian Vuleta
Scene 2: The Revelation The Dramaticus Green Room Michael calls Edward in for an impromptu meeting to advise him what the premier play at Dramaticus will be.
FEATURING: Scott Knight and Axle Gunn
PLAYING ON Samsara takes a moment to sit with Damian Vuleta and find out more about him and how he developed the character Henri.