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CHAPTER 6: The Insistent Introduction

CHAPTER 6: The Insistent Introduction
Scene 1: The Set Up Ruby's Office Edward takes the first steps in manipulating Ruby in his evil plan.
FEATURING: Maree Shefford and Scott Knight
Scene 2: The Introduction On Stage Brick takes a quiet moment to do a yoga workout which is interrupted by the arrival of a mysterious young woman.
FEATURING: Justin Groves and Gabrielle Savrone
Scene 3: The Insistence Ruby's Office Edward digs his screws into Ruby and she caves in.
FEATURING: Maree Shefford and Scott Knight
PLAYING ON Samsara sits down with Justin Groves to find out a bit more about his travels, his career, and the young and ambitious Brick Murello.

Collectors Edition Box Set #1: Chapters 1-5


Chapter 1: The Toasty Gathering Michael and Ruby sneak a quiet moment to toast their achievements and the final production meeting begins.
Chapter 2: The Prepared Meeting The production meeting continues and Ruby and River interrupt rehearsals.
Chapter 3: The Consoling Allocation Edward consoles Flora after being kicked out of the launch, River shows Sienna her new dressing room, and Edward takes the first step in his plan.
Chapter 4: The Manipulated Tantrum Edward continues to play with Ruby's emotions and River puts Flora and Edward firmly in their place.
Chapter 5: The Relieved Cajoling Michael takes an evening off to dine with his daughters and he and Sienna try to convince Emerald to come to the launch.
FEATURING: Jaq Avery April Gareffa Justin Groves Axle Gunn Scott Knight Imbi Leili Ling Jaclyn Lombardo Maree Shefford