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CHAPTER 3: The Consoling Allocation

Jaq Avery is Flora Drummond
Scene 1: The Consoling
The Drummond House
Edward consoles Flora after having been kicked out of the launch and comes up with a plan to reinstate them.

FEATURING: Jaq Avery and Scott Knight

Scene 2: The Allocation
The Dramaticus Dressing Rooms
River shows Sienna her new dressing room and they commiserate with each other about Flora

FEATURING: Justin Groves, Imbi Leili Ling, and Jaclyn Lombardo

Scene 3: The Manipulation (part 1)
Ruby's Office
Edward takes the first step in his plan to get Flora and himself back in the show and it begins with getting Ruby on board.

FEATURING: Scott Knight and Maree Shefford

In this episode of Playing On Samsara sits with Maree Shefford and talks about Maree's experience as an actor and her thoughts about Ruby Drummond.



Playing On Series 2: Scott Knight

Samsara sits down for a chat with Scott Knight about what he has been up to recently and also how he has gone about developing the character of Edward Drummond.

Collectors Edition Box Set #6: Chapters 26 - 30

Chapter 26: The Outrageous Compromises Dan and River call in Emerald and Henri for a design meeting to iron out some problems. Henri finally manages to convince Edward to wear his costume, and Sophia finally arrives in Australia.
Chapter 27: The Nervous Welcome Edward suffers from opening night nerves and Henri comes to his rescue. Meanwhile, up in the Foyer Ruby introduces Sophia to Dramaticus.
Chapter 28: The Snubbed Kiss Kirana finally bumps into Ruby face to face at opening night drinks for the first time since the Christmas debacle and sparks fly. Edward and Sienna discover there is a smouldering electricity between them and King Richard III opens to thundering applause.
Chapter 29: The Explored Congratulations Henri convinces Ruby and Michael to make post show speeches before convincing Ruby to run away from the party with him. Meanwhile Emerald and Brick find themselves vying for Kirana's attention and Sophia finally meets Ed…

CHAPTER 25: The Pleading Future

CHAPTER 25 The Pleading Future LISTEN HERE
SCENE 1: The Future (part 1) Frank wakes up in the early hours of the morning and decides to wake River up too.
FEATURING: Daniel Brasher and Samsara
SCENE 2: The Pleading Ruby takes an early morning Skype call from Flora who has hatched a plan with Sophia.
FEATURING: Jaq Avery, Malaynee Hayden and Maree Shefford
SCENE 3: The Future (part 2) The alarm wakes Frank and River again and as they get ready for work they talk about the future.