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Maree Shefford

Great news fans. The Players blog soap opera is now turning into a podcast which will be available on the iTunes store from 12 February 2018. Every fortnight you will get to experience the lives and loves of the Bannisters, Murellos and Drummonds and they work together in fun and fury to create a new theatre company - Dramaticus.

Over the next week I will be introducing you to our wonderful cast and reintroducing the characters.

Maree Shefford is playing the role of Ruby Drummmond.

Maree Shefford has appeared in many stage plays, short films and independent feature films.  She has taught dance and embodiment classes for women since 2007 and has now launched an acting series for beginners, Acting 101 – Unleash Your Inner Thespian. Her past theatre roles include: Emilie in Les Liaisons Dangereuses, Euridyce in Antigone, Emma in the Summer Of The Seventeenth Doll touring production and Jennifer in Closing Time.

Recent lead acting roles include Short & Sweet Festival play Life On Mars and short film Jack Valentine.  She performed in the award winning UK theatre production Trilogy, and played series regular Lily, in the Channel 31 TV series Sonnigsburg alongside veteran actors Ian Stenlake and Don Bridges as well as making a cameo appearance in the award winning independent feature film Innuendo.

In 2016 she worked as Red Carpet Host for Susan Sarandon’s ‘Leadership Luncheon’ and was the Event Coordinator for 'Fast Track Talent’, run by the team at Yoyo Music who manage Isaiah Firebrace (Eurovision 2017).

From 2013 to 2017 Maree worked exclusively with client Dan Hamill on all his scene preparation for auditions.  Dan was seen in X Factor 2015 and also played the role of Dr Andrew Patterson on Love Child Season 4 TV Series.

Maree is excited to be playing Ruby Drummond in The Players podcast and has a busy year planned with three upcoming film roles.


Ruby is Michael's little sister and is 51 years old.  She spent her childhood growing up in his shadow.  As a little girl she adored her big brother and followed him everywhere.  He was kind but distracted.  As she developed her own personality she discovered that no matter what she did or achieved she was constantly eclipsed by Michael's achievements and the low expectations of her parent.  She was required to be a good girl, stay quiet and pretty and not cause problems.  She was encouraged to focus on her looks and social abilities so that she would develop into a good wife for a wealthy businessman.  There was no expectation of her to develop a career because, of course, she would marry well and be looked after by her husband.

Ruby bought into this role play for herself, although she was always aware of an underlying frustration and sense of confinement.  She was not a rebel though, and met her family's expectations.  At the age of 18 she married an investment banker.  They lived a jet setting life an were generally convivial and she had two children - Brick and River - before he died in a skiing accident in Switzerland.

Packing her young children off to boarding school as she dealt with her grief - for she did sincerely like her husband - Ruby soon began to comprehend the freedom she could now experience.  Her husband had left her insanely wealthy and, having already achieved all her familial expectations, she was now unfettered for the first time in her life.  The freedom went to her head and she went a little wild.  To help her move on, Michael introduced her to to A-list celebrity crowd.  Ruby put her children to the back of her mind and partied endlessly in a maelstrom of frivolity, excess, and debauchery.

This is how she ended up in London at a celebrity fund raising ball.  At the ball she met Edward - the most gorgeous man she had ever seen and one with a sense of devil may care that matched her own.  They flirted, he courted, she fell in love, and six weeks later an intoxicating affair had turned into a whirlwind marriage.

This time, Ruby had married because she believed she was in love so it came as a devastating shock to realise that Edward only married her for her money and was planning to continue to party and womanise as if he was still single.  Eventually Ruby thought to have a child with him in the hopes that it would settle him down.  It didn't.  Edward has pulled away from her completely.  Perhaps starting this new theatre company will bring them back together and settle him down?



CHAPTER 26: The Outrageous Compromises

CHAPTER 26 The Outrageous Compromises

SCENE 1: The Outrage Dan and River call Emerald and Henri into a design meeting to solve some problems.
FEATURING: Dan Brasher, April Garreffa, Imbi Leili Ling, and Damian Vuleta
SCENE 2: The Compromise Henri convinces Edward to wear the right costume for the character of King Richard III
FEATURING: Scott Knight and Damian Vuleta
SCENE 3: The Arrival Sophia arrive in Australia and reminds Flora what she needs to do to make their plan work.

Episode 24 - The Calming

Oh, look, your dad has just come in.
Where? (turns head) Oh, there he is.Oh dear, he does not look happy.
I wonder what has him so riled?
Ah, my guess is that would be me.
Why, what did you do?
He rang me just before we went out shopping and I burst into tears and told him the whole sorry story.Obviously I was feeling a whole lot less confident then, than I do now with all the help and support you and Emerald are giving me.
I think we should invite him over.He should hear the good news,That way he will be able to sleep tonight.
The good news! Hah.
Now, now, I thought we were past all that.You take another swig of that very effective Margarita and I will bring him over.
Mmmm.Good idea.Order me another while you’re up there.This one is going down very easy.(both laugh).
It’s a good thing you are my cousin or I could have my wicked way …

Episode 26 - The Remonstration

RIVER Yes, Frank, that should work.  I nearly had a heart attack when the supplier rang and gave me the final dimensions!
FRANK No stress, Miss Drummond.  Every problem has a solution.
RIVER (laughing)  Frank, we are going to be working together quite intimately for a long time to come, so I think you can start calling me River.
FRANK Thanks River.  I wasn’t sure.  What, with you being the boss’s daughter and all.
RIVER When we are here at Dramaticus I am the Head Stage Manager, not Ruby’s daughter.  You are the Technical Manager and we are going to have to develop a strong working relationship in order to make this theatre work.  We can’t do that if I am putting on airs and graces, or if you think you can’t speak opening and honestly with me without fear of repercussions.
FRANK That is true.  I am very relieved to hear you say that. 
RIVER Look, it’s getting late and there is not much more we can do today.  How about…