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Jaclyn Lombardo
Every family has a golden child and in the Bannister clan it is Sienna

Jaclyn Lombardo is playing the role of Sienna Bannister

Jaclyn is a character actor with depth, developing her skills on the theatre stage.  Jaclyn’s most recent performance was playing a lead as Woman in Sunshine Community Theatre’s (SCT) production of Ira Levin’s creepy thriller Veronica’s Room (2017), which has audiences on the edge of their seats.

Other roles include Lucia and the Translator in Mad Forest (2016) and Nicole in Shhh... Don't Tell the Bride (2014), both SCT productions. Jaclyn has also brought characters to life in numerous productions with Drama with a Difference including, Desire and Delirium (2013), My Lover is an Extra Terrestrial (2012), and Modern Mayhem in a Time Poor World (2011).

Away from the stage, Jaclyn enjoys crafting, singing and dancing to the beat of her own drum, which she highly recommends.


Sienna is the oldest child of Michael and his dead wife, April.  Sienna's childhood was a happy one, with loving parents and a stable home - well, three homes really.  Her parents were both successful and internationally renowned actors, and the family spent their time equally between Los Angeles, London, and Melbourne.  They had permanent homes in each city.  Sienna had attended private school in Melbourne, but when she needed to be at the other homes a private tutor was hired in to home school the girls to ensure they did not fall behind in their education.

Sienna was an outgoing, precocious little girl with boundless energy and a love for being the center of attention.  She had a natural talent for performance and was encouraged to pursue it.  Her parents organised private and group training with some of the best professionals in the world for her.  From a young age she appeared in ads and a few films, and her parents were in talks with Disney about a television series featuring both the girls when the accident happened.

Sienna's world changed instantly and completely at the moment of the accident.  She lost her mum, and Michael and Emerald spent months in hospital and then undergoing rehabilitation.

Sienna has a fear and loathing of hospitals and clinical environments now, and is terrified of being away from her family for even the shortest of times.  Michael and Emerald settled in Melbourne to undergo their rehabilitation.  Disney offered to continue the project with just Sienna, but she rejected the offer, insisting that she had to stay with her family.  Her father still supports her career and constantly tries to encourage her to go back to Los Angeles to continue with her career. 

Sienna does not want to give up acting, but cannot bring herself to leave Michael and Emerald.  She sees this theatre company as the way for her to achieve both.



Playing On Series 2: Scott Knight

Samsara sits down for a chat with Scott Knight about what he has been up to recently and also how he has gone about developing the character of Edward Drummond.

Collectors Edition Box Set #6: Chapters 26 - 30

Chapter 26: The Outrageous Compromises Dan and River call in Emerald and Henri for a design meeting to iron out some problems. Henri finally manages to convince Edward to wear his costume, and Sophia finally arrives in Australia.
Chapter 27: The Nervous Welcome Edward suffers from opening night nerves and Henri comes to his rescue. Meanwhile, up in the Foyer Ruby introduces Sophia to Dramaticus.
Chapter 28: The Snubbed Kiss Kirana finally bumps into Ruby face to face at opening night drinks for the first time since the Christmas debacle and sparks fly. Edward and Sienna discover there is a smouldering electricity between them and King Richard III opens to thundering applause.
Chapter 29: The Explored Congratulations Henri convinces Ruby and Michael to make post show speeches before convincing Ruby to run away from the party with him. Meanwhile Emerald and Brick find themselves vying for Kirana's attention and Sophia finally meets Ed…

Episode 31 - The Rudeness

FRANK Good morning Mr Drummond.  Is the meeting already over?
EDWARD I wouldn’t know.  I have only just arrived.
FRANK Oh.  In that case, everyone is already up in the boardroom.
EDWARD Is that the C7 I insisted upon? 
FRANK Yes sir.  It has posed us a few problems as the staging wasn’t designed for a piano this size, but River and I sorted it out in the end.
EDWARD (to Kirana) I can’t believe that little know it all thought a baby grand would be suitable for this occasion.
KIRANA Oh, I’m sure it would have Ed.  There really isn’t anything in the music that requires the gravitas of anything larger.
EDWARD The event itself required the gravitas!
FRANK Well your wife and Mr Bannister didn’t seem to think it was a problem.
EDWARD Colonial upstarts who know nothing.
FRANK Uh, yes, well, the problem is all sorted now.  We have the C7, and it will be tuned shortly and then we are all good to go.
EDWARD Good.  Just make sure it…