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Episode 32 - The River

INT.  BOARDROOM.  ALL THE DRUMMONDS AND BANNISTERS ARE THEIR EXCEPT EMERALD AND EDWARD. RIVER So now that we have the problem with the piano sorted out, we are back on schedule to do a full dress rehearsal at 3 this afternoon.
SIENNA Will Emerald have my costume here in time.
RIVER I assume so.  I did advise her of the schedule.
MICHAEL She is working as fast as she can Sienna.  She won’t let her sister down.  You know that.
SIENNA I know dad.  I guess I am just getting a little bit antsy.  We are cutting it fine.
FLORA I’m bored.  Are we finished yet?
RIVER That is all I have to report.
RUBY Thank you River.  It sounds like it is all coming together beautifully.  Well, that is all the agenda items – except for Edward’s of course – so if nobody has any other business...
EDWARD ENTERS. EDWARD Morning everyone.  Sorry for my tardiness.  I am sure you all had a lot of gossip to exchange while you were waiting, but now we can get down to business.
FLORA Daddy!  I am so glad you are here.  They have all been s…