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Episode 11 - The Set Up



(on phone to magazine editor, being very charming and flirty.  Edward storms in.) Why, Eric, of course I will take time to chat with you.  We could discuss the upcoming Dramaticus season over a lovely Beaujolais perhaps?

Ruby, I need to speak with you right now.  (Ruby crossly indicates for him to be quiet).

(giggling)  Now, now Eric.  You know I am a married woman.


(heaving a big sigh)  I’m sorry Eric, but I really have to go.  I have another editor to charm on the other line...You know I am only devoted to you Eric, but I do have to throw the others some crumbs (laughs).  I think we can continue this tomorrow at the launch.  See you then...Yes, I shall put aside our best vintage just for you. ‘Bye.  (hangs up the phone)  Edward that was rude.  I was on the phone to Eric Masterson at Theatretalk magazine. 

I don’t care who that was.  You are my wife, so I come first.  Why were you flirting with him anyway?  And right in front of me!

You are the one who stormed in without knocking.  Besides, flirting is how things get done and you know it.

If you think I am going to stand by while my wife sleeps with every editor in town, we are shutting Dramaticus down right now!

Oh, but it’s alright for you to sleep with every actress you meet!

You have no proof of that.

Are you serious, Ed?  Everybody knows you are doing it.  Do you understand how embarrassing it is for me every time I come face to face with one of your little floosies and know that everyone else in the room knows it too.  You are not exactly discreet about it.

I did not come here to discuss this.  Just be aware that I will not tolerate being cuckolded.

So what is it you did storm in here to demand?

I am here to talk about the launch.  It is ridiculous for you to expect Flora and I to perform completely unsupported this way.

You agreed that this was the best solution.  I have given you full creative control over choice of songs, choreography and costuming.  What more could you want?

By complete control you mean we have to do all the work ourselves with no help.

You and Flora were the ones who refused to be part of the organised production.  You didn’t think the songs were suitable for your ‘eminence’ in the field, and Flora wouldn’t even attend rehearsals to be directed by Michael.  Flora is the one who kept sending back her costume to be changed.  As a result, I gave you full control over all of those aspects and now you are complaining.  What exactly is it you want me to do?

(a gleam of victory in his eyes)  You are right, Rube.  You have given us what we wanted, and I am fine with it.  It is just a bit of a challenge for Flora, with her youth and inexperience.

Yes, but she is working with her father.  She listens to you and trusts you.  She knows you wouldn’t do anything to make her look silly or ‘fall on her face’.

You are right, as usual.  (gives her a hug and kiss).  It is moments like this I truly believe you love Flora as much as I do.

You know I do Eddy.




CHAPTER 18: The Awkward Organisation

CHAPTER 18 The Awkward Organisation
Scene 1: The Awkwardness Brick and Kirana continue their awkward conversation in the Dramaticus foyer.
FEATURING: Justin Groves and Samsara
Scene 2: The Organisation River and Frank take one step forward and then one step back in their budding relationship.
FEATURING: Daniel Brasher and Imbi Leili Ling
Scene 3: The Destruction Flora loses control of herself and makes the biggest mistake of her life so far.
Scene 4:  The Panic River has prepared a surprise for Sienna but it is both of them who get the surprise.
FEATURING: Imbi Leili Ling and Jaclyn Lombardo

Episode 14 - The Captivation

EDWARD (Stands, listening for a moment.  When Kirana stops he claps).  Wonderful playing my dear.
KIRANA Oh, sorry.  I didn’t see you there.  Nobody was here (looks to where Brick had exited) so I thought I would get a bit of practice in.
EDWARD No need to apologise.  That was positively delightful.  Was that the Moonlight Sonata or do my ears deceive me in my dotage?
KIRANA Yes.  Yes it was.  I have a recital coming up so I thought I would get in a bit of practice.  This is a lovely piano.  Such a joy to play.
EDWARD (chuckling). Yes, only the best for us – which is why you are here of course!
KIRANA I don’t know about that. 
EDWARD Oh, I am sorry, I seem to have made you a bit uncomfortable, and like the big oaf I am, I have not even managed introductions.  I, beautiful lady, am Edward Drummond, and you must be the lovely Kirana – pianist extraordinaire!
KIRANA (giggling) Yes, I am Kirana.  I believe I will be accompanying you and your daughter for a…

CHAPTER 24: The Extended Understanding

CHAPTER 24 The Extended Understanding LISTEN HERE Scene 1: The Extension (Part 2) Flora begs Ruby and Edward for a favour.
FEATURING: Jaq Avery, Scott Knight, and Maree Shefford
Scene 2: The Understanding (Part 1) Brick and Sienna relax at the Bistro after a gruelling rehearsal.
FEATURING: Justin Groves and Jaclyn Lombardo
Scene 3: The Understanding (Part 2) Sienna tries to catch a ride with Ruby but misses her and ends up in an unexpected discussion with Edward.
FEATURING: Scott Knight and Jaclyn Lombardo