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Episode 10 - The Cajoling


Wow.  What a lovely meal.  And the thing which made it lovely is sharing it with my two gorgeous daughters.

It really was the most fun we’ve had together in a long time.

I don’t think I have been this relaxed for weeks.

I know what you mean sis.

I know.  These last few weeks have been insanely hectic.  Between getting the building finished and preparing for the launch there hasn’t been a moment to ourselves.

Just remember, in two days time you will be as free as I am right now.  I can’t tell you how happy I am to not have to keep reworking Flora’s dress (chuckles)

Well, not really free girls.

What do you mean dad?

Once the launch is over we pretty much have to dive into getting our first show up.  We have to maintain the momentum of the launch or else it is really all for nothing.  We have to try and stay in the public eye.  At least for the first year.

Groan.  And I was really looking forward to a six month Caribbean holiday, bronzed muscle men fanning me and catering to my every whim... (all laugh).  Speaking of the public eye, I know you don’t like public events Emerald, but you are coming to the launch, right?

(looking a bit uncomfortable)  No.  I am very happy to leave that sort of thing in the capable hands of both of you.

Come on, my precious gem.  You have done so much hard work to get us to this point, and you are integral to us moving forward.  You deserve to share in the moment of triumph.

Yes.  Do come sis.  It will be a lovely night and you don’t have to come up on stage with us.  Just enjoy the show and have a free drink or two, or three...

I said no.

But why?

(getting agitated) You know why.

Oh, Em.  The scars are barely even visible anymore.  If you don’t know they’re there, you can’t tell anything happened.

(really upset) I said no!  You are lying to make me feel good, but we all know it’s not true.  These burn scars on my face will be with me for the rest of my life.  7 operations have not been able to remove them and lying to me about it is not going help.

Emerald, calm down precious.  We know it is hard for you.  We just want you to enjoy life to it’s fullest, and especially to share this moment with the whole family, us and your Aunt’s family.

(calming down a bit, but still upset).  I know dad.  Um, I’m really tired now.  I think I will go to bed.  Thankyou both for a lovely evening.  I will see you tomorrow.  (leaves)

I am sorry I pushed so hard dad.

It’s okay Si.  It is still very hard for Emerald, but we have to keep trying.

Perhaps I should have reminded her about Easter lunch with Aunt Ruby’s clan next week.  That would have taken her mind off it.

It certainly would have.  The pain never ends, does it (both laugh)




Episode 14 - The Captivation

EDWARD (Stands, listening for a moment.  When Kirana stops he claps).  Wonderful playing my dear.
KIRANA Oh, sorry.  I didn’t see you there.  Nobody was here (looks to where Brick had exited) so I thought I would get a bit of practice in.
EDWARD No need to apologise.  That was positively delightful.  Was that the Moonlight Sonata or do my ears deceive me in my dotage?
KIRANA Yes.  Yes it was.  I have a recital coming up so I thought I would get in a bit of practice.  This is a lovely piano.  Such a joy to play.
EDWARD (chuckling). Yes, only the best for us – which is why you are here of course!
KIRANA I don’t know about that. 
EDWARD Oh, I am sorry, I seem to have made you a bit uncomfortable, and like the big oaf I am, I have not even managed introductions.  I, beautiful lady, am Edward Drummond, and you must be the lovely Kirana – pianist extraordinaire!
KIRANA (giggling) Yes, I am Kirana.  I believe I will be accompanying you and your daughter for a…

CHAPTER 24: The Extended Understanding

CHAPTER 24 The Extended Understanding LISTEN HERE Scene 1: The Extension (Part 2) Flora begs Ruby and Edward for a favour.
FEATURING: Jaq Avery, Scott Knight, and Maree Shefford
Scene 2: The Understanding (Part 1) Brick and Sienna relax at the Bistro after a gruelling rehearsal.
FEATURING: Justin Groves and Jaclyn Lombardo
Scene 3: The Understanding (Part 2) Sienna tries to catch a ride with Ruby but misses her and ends up in an unexpected discussion with Edward.
FEATURING: Scott Knight and Jaclyn Lombardo

Episode 19- The Seduction

KIRANA This is a lovely place.
EDWARD Yes.  I come here often.
KIRANA It has a very elegant ambience.  I can see why you like it.  Not to mention how conveniently close it is to the theatre.
EDWARD All of that, and the food is superb.  Alejandro, the chef, makes the most outstanding paella.  Would you like to share one with me?
KIRANA Oh, no thanks.  I can’t really stay that long.  I have a lot of preparation to do for my recital – and the launch tomorrow, of course!
EDWARD Ah, yes, the launch.  Well, you know, we still have a lot to talk over about that, so we might be here awhile.  It only makes sense to combine working and eating together.  That way you will be able to use your time afterwards to focus on your recital.
KIRANA (laughing) Your logic defies argument, and to be honest I am rather hungry.
EDWARD Excellent!  (indicates for waiter, who comes over)  Ask Alejandro to prepare his best paella de deux for myself and this beautiful lady.  Oh, an…