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Episode 13 - The Insistance

EDWARD (holding Ruby).  I truly do believe you love our daughter as much as I do.
RUBY Oh, Ed, I do. You know I do.
EDWARD (pulling back a bit)  The problem is Flora doesn’t know it.
RUBY I tell her every time I see her.  What more can I do.
EDWARD You can show her.
RUBY How, Ed?  I tell her every time I see her, what more can I do.
EDWARD She knows you love her Rube, but she thinks you love Brick and River more.  She even thinks you love your brother Michael more than her.  Can you even begin to imagine the pain she is in?
RUBY Why, that’s ridiculous.  I love all my children equally.  All three have unique talents and I do everything I can to support them in discovering those talents.  That is all part of what Dramaticus is about, for goodness sake!
EDWARD Shhh.  Settle down Rube.  I know you don’t mean to show favouritism, but you really do and it is seriously affecting Flora’s self confidence.
RUBY What more am I supposed to do?
EDWARD Well, I don’t think what you have done with th…

Episode 12 - The Introduction

BRICK (towelling down) Where did you think you were?
KIRANA (blushing and confused) I was told to come to the stage for a rehearsal.
BRICK A rehearsal of what?
KIRANA Some sort of launch.  I am really sorry for interrupting you.  I must have the wrong time.
BRICK No, no.  Please, stay.  I was just finishing up anyway.  (rolls up his mat) So you are rehearsing for the launch.  A women as beautiful as you must obviously be an actor.
KIRANA And someone as forward as you must obviously be a tech.  Does your boss know you do yoga on her time?
BRICK Maybe I am on a break.
KIRANA A break from what?  The place looks deserted right now.
BRICK My, my.  You are rather judgemental, aren’t you?
KIRANA Look, I’m sorry.  I am sure there is a rehearsal about to start and if you get caught messing around you could lose your job.  You really should get out of here.
BRICK You are absolu…

Episode 11 - The Set Up

RUBY (on phone to magazine editor, being very charming and flirty.  Edward storms in.) Why, Eric, of course I will take time to chat with you.  We could discuss the upcoming Dramaticus season over a lovely Beaujolais perhaps?
EDWARD Ruby, I need to speak with you right now.  (Ruby crossly indicates for him to be quiet).
RUBY (giggling)  Now, now Eric.  You know I am a married woman.
RUBY (heaving a big sigh)  I’m sorry Eric, but I really have to go.  I have another editor to charm on the other line...You know I am only devoted to you Eric, but I do have to throw the others some crumbs (laughs).  I think we can continue this tomorrow at the launch.  See you then...Yes, I shall put aside our best vintage just for you. ‘Bye.  (hangs up the phone)  Edward that was rude.  I was on the phone to Eric Masterson at Theatretalk magazine. 
EDWARD I don’t care who that was.  You are my wife, so I come first.  Why were you flirting with him anyway?  And right in front of me!

Episode 10 - The Cajoling

MICHAEL Wow.  What a lovely meal.  And the thing which made it lovely is sharing it with my two gorgeous daughters.
SIENNA It really was the most fun we’ve had together in a long time.
EMERALD I don’t think I have been this relaxed for weeks.
SIENNA I know what you mean sis.
MICHAEL I know.  These last few weeks have been insanely hectic.  Between getting the building finished and preparing for the launch there hasn’t been a moment to ourselves.
EMERALD Just remember, in two days time you will be as free as I am right now.  I can’t tell you how happy I am to not have to keep reworking Flora’s dress (chuckles)
MICHAEL Well, not really free girls.
SIENNA What do you mean dad?
MICHAEL Once the launch is over we pretty much have to dive into getting our first show up.  We have to maintain the momentum of the launch or else it is really all for nothing.  We have to try and stay in the public eye.  At least for the first year.
SIENNA Groan.  And I was really looking forward to a six month …

Episode 9 - The Relief

MICHAEL It is so nice to be able to have a quiet evening at home with my two beautiful daughters
SIENNA Yes it is Dad.  It feels like ages since we did this.
EMERALD Well, there have been a few things going on. (giggle)
MICHAEL I know.  I am so sorry girls.
SIENNA For what, Dad?
MICHAEL I feel like I have neglected you.  First there was the planning and building of the theatre, and we’ve only just finished that and we jump straight into rehearsals and preparations for the launch. 
EMERALD We’ve all been busy Dad, not just you.  The good thing is that at least it is the same project overwhelming us all, so we have that in common.
SIENNA So true.
MICHAEL Yes.  I have only seen you at rehearsals, Sienna, and poor Emerald.  I feel like I only see you when I need something or a design isn’t quite right.
EMERALD It’s fine Dad.  It’s the nature of the business.  In many ways we are really lucky that we can all share in different aspects of this venture together.
SIENNA Speaking of which, ho…