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Meet River Murello


The younger sister of Brick, River grew up admiring her big brother from afar, although she never really got to know him.  Both were sent to boarding schools in different countries and were rarely brought home to reunite.  River attended school in Switzerland with the intention she would go to finishing school and marry royalty. 

River was beautiful like her mother, but also turned out to be extremely intelligent (also like her mother).  Unlike Ruby, however, River dreamed of realising her potential - perhaps taking n accounting, or law or international politics.  She finished her schooling two years ahead of her contemporaries, but her desparate desire to connect with her family caused her to follow in the theatrical tradition, although she was drawn more to arts administration than feeling a need to be on the stage itself.  Whilst River never saw herself as a performer, she craved the day when she would be working side by side with her big brother.  River was accepted into Yale and specialised in theatre management.

Newly graduated, River was excited to have the chance to work with the entire family in the 'family business'.  This closeness and interconnections something her soul has cried out for her entire life.  Also, in a family of actors, being the one they look to to keep things going and holding it all together for them has her eager to please.  Also, the chance of being the senior stage manager of her own theatre as this early stage of her career is incredibly irresistible - and a little bit terrifying.  River sees this as a chance to develop her skills in a safe and loving environment.  Yes, in many of the most important ways they are all complete strangers, but they are also family... blood.



CHAPTER 23: The Catchy Barrier

CHAPTER 23 The Catchy Barrier LISTEN HERE Scene 1: The Recovery (Part 2) Brick goes over to build bridges with Kirana who has just finished her set at the Bistro.
FEATURING: Jo Boyd and Justin Groves
Scene 2: The Catch Up It is two weeks later and Ruby drops in at the end of rehearsal to check in with Michael about how rehearsals are going.
FEATURING: Axle Gunn and Maree Shefford
Scene 3: The Barriers Ruby has invited Edward to the Bistro to explain to him how things are going to be.
FEATURING: Scott Knight and Maree Shefford
Scene 4: The Extension Ruby and Edward meet up in Ruby's office to have  Skype call with Flora
FEATURING:  Scott Knight and Maree Shefford

CHAPTER 22: The Recovered Reading

Scene 1: The Reading The cast of Richard III prepare for the round table script reading
FEATURING: Justin Groves, Axle Gunn, Scott Knight, Imbi Leili Ling, and Jaclyn Lombardo. 
Scene 2: The Reading (cont.) The script read through continues
FEATURING: Justin Groves, Axle Gunn, Scott Knight, Imbi Leili Ling, and Jaclyn Lombardo.
Scene 3: The Recovery Brick and Michael get together for a drink at the Bistro bar after a very long day.
FEATURING: Justin Groves and Axle Gunn


In 2019 the role of Kirana has been taken over by Jo Boyd as we sadly had to say goodbye to Gabrielle Reiher at Christmas. Gabrielle has gone on to focus on other exciting opportunities. You may remember Jo from filling in the role of Ruby Drummond when Maree Shefford was a bit poorly. When we realised we needed a new Kirana we didn't have to look far at all. Welcome to the team Jo!!!

Jo Boyd is playing the role of Kirana
Jo is a mother, a grandmother and a small business owner and also really enjoys modelling and creative photography. She has a real passion for acting which has steered her toward film and podcasting and in all of this she relishes a good challenge! Jo's films include The Last Hope, To Love Somebody, Dark Night of the Zomboogies, Blue, Faberge Black, and The Faceless Man. She is currently filming Of Course God Is Italian. Jo also featured in the music video Which Witch is Which. Jo would love to take on more featured speaking roles and extras work.