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Episode 1 - The Toast


Well Mikey, here we are. (opens bottle of champagne and pours two glasses).

Yeah Sis.  It’s really happening.

I called you a bit early so we could take a moment and celebrate our achievement quietly before the rest of the hungry hoards join us.

That is no way to speak of family Ruby.

Family!  I get treated by strangers better than I do my own children.

I am sure that will all change now that Dramaticus is up and running.  They will begin to appreciate your love and support for them and their careers, just as I do.  You know I will never be able to repay you for what you are doing for me and my daughters.  I never imagined I would ever get near a stage again, and as for Sienna and Emerald...well.

Oh Michael.  You are my brother and they are my nieces.  I would do anything for you.  I always have and always will.  I will never forget the way you helped Brick through the hard times when Tony died.  I just didn’t have the strength to be there for him, and Edward...well, you know how things have turned out with him.

Yes.  I wish you could have found the love and caring I had with April.  Instead you end up with a no good, lazy, gold digging playboy who is making it his life goal to make you miserable and spend all your money.

Enough!  This is supposed to be a happy time.  We are celebrating an amazing achievement, and one which will possibly make us all come together as a family.  This venture, this theatre company, this could be the spark that brings us all together in love and achievement and success.  Raise your glass Michael and make a toast.

Alright.   Here it is.  To Dramaticus.  May it be the pride and joy and redemption of the Bannister clan –
(Edward enters)

What is this?  The Bannister clan?  You forget yourself Michael.  The theatre company is the initiative and sole property of the Drummond ‘clan’.  You are merely an employee.

Edward!  That is uncalled for and untrue.

What exactly is untrue about it my dearest wife?  (pours himself a champagne).  And what are you doing celebrating without me?  This is our money paying for this remember.

Our money?  You have not contributed a cent to this venture, or our lives at all so far.  This is Tony’s money paying for this, not yours.

Tony, Tony, Tony.  When are you going to stop using him against me.  He is dead and has been for almost two decades.  You married me and what is mine is yours and what is yours is mine.  It is true you brought in the money, but I have been paying for it every day since then.

Stop, both of you.  This is supposed to be a day of celebration.  For just this one moment let us forget our animosities and toast the success of Dramaticus.


(Hesitating) Dramaticus.  




Episode 10 - The Cajoling

MICHAEL Wow.  What a lovely meal.  And the thing which made it lovely is sharing it with my two gorgeous daughters.
SIENNA It really was the most fun we’ve had together in a long time.
EMERALD I don’t think I have been this relaxed for weeks.
SIENNA I know what you mean sis.
MICHAEL I know.  These last few weeks have been insanely hectic.  Between getting the building finished and preparing for the launch there hasn’t been a moment to ourselves.
EMERALD Just remember, in two days time you will be as free as I am right now.  I can’t tell you how happy I am to not have to keep reworking Flora’s dress (chuckles)
MICHAEL Well, not really free girls.
SIENNA What do you mean dad?
MICHAEL Once the launch is over we pretty much have to dive into getting our first show up.  We have to maintain the momentum of the launch or else it is really all for nothing.  We have to try and stay in the public eye.  At least for the first year.
SIENNA Groan.  And I was really looking forward to a six month …

CHAPTER 28: The Snubbed Kiss

SCENE 1: The Snub (cont.) Kirana interrupts Ruby's conversation with Sophia and Henri comes to the rescue.
FEATURING: Jo Boyd, Malaynee Hayden, Maree Shefford, and Damian Vuleta.
SCENE 2: The Kiss Sienna settles Edward into her dressing room to help him with his makeup and their relationship becomes a whole lot closer.
FEATURING: Scott Knight, Imbi Leili Ling, and Sophie Rose.
SCENE 3: The Celebration The cast of Richard III get an enthusiastic response to their opening performance and they take a moment to celebrate.
FEATURING: Justin Groves, Axle Gunn, Scott Knight, Imbi Leili Ling, and Sophie Rose
Transcripts below.

SCENE 1: The Snub
Let’s agree we both made the wrong assumptions, eh? Do you like Henri’s designs?
Si. I have always dreamed of wearing and Ensemble gown.
We can definitely do something to make that dream come true.
Oh, no. That would be too much.
Nonsense. Henri and I are good fri…

CHAPTER 30: The Consumated Operations

CHAPTER 30: The Consumated Operations
SCENE 1: The Consumation Edward invites Sienna up to his hotel room for a night cap after a long day.
FEATURING: Jaclyn Lombardo and Scott Knight
SCENE 2: The Operations (pt 1) Ruby calls the family together for a production meeting.
FEATURING: Justin Groves, Axle Gunn, Scott Knight, Imbi Leili Ling, Jaclyn Lombardo, Maree Shefford and Samsara
SCENE 3: The Operations (pt 2) The family convinces Ruby to go against her wishes for the good of the company.
FEATURING: Justin Groves, Axle Gunn, Scott Knight, Imbi Leili Ling, Jaclyn Lombardo, Maree Shefford and Samsara
SCENE 4: The Hiring Maree invites Kirana to her office for a meeting.
FEATURING: Jo Boyd and Maree Shefford.

SIENNA I’m exhausted! I am glad the season is only 4 weeks. I don’t think I could handle this marathon for longer than that.
EDWARD Come, come Si. Take a seat while I pour you a brandy.
SIENNA Mmmmm. Brandy! You better be careful Ed or I’ll fall asleep.