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Episode 5 - The Consoling

FLORA How dare Michael kick me out of the showcase!  What right does he have to do that?  This is your company,not his.
EDWARD I know sweetling, I know.  Don’t your worry your pretty head.  He won’t get away with it.  I won’t let him.
FLORA But what are you going to do?  And did you see Brick and Sienna ganging up on me.  Brick is supposed to be on my side too.  I’m his half sister.  That is more important than a mere cousin.  A poor one too!
EDWARD Yes.  I think it is important that Michael understands his place right from the start.  His annoying daughters too.  We can’t have cripples and headcases running this company.  I won’t stand for it!
FLORA I don’t understand why you let it happen.  You should have stopped it.
EDWARD It wasn’t the right time sweetling.  I need to speak to your mother in private about this.  There are a few things we need to get sorted out before we go too much further along.
FLORA You shouldn’t let her boss you around like that.  You are the man, you…

Episode 4 - The Preparations

INT.  AUDITORIUM.  BRICK AND SIENNA ARE ON STAGE TALKING WITH THE REPETITEUR.RUBY, MICHAEL AND RIVER IN AUDITORIUM RIVER Sorry to pull you away from rehearsals Uncle Mike, but Mum wants to have a quick chat to make sure we haven’t missed anything for the launch party.
RUBY Yes. The meeting was a debacle and I don’t feel confident that we covered everything.
MICHAEL Well, if your good for nothing husband would just teach Flora some discipline, everything would have been discusses when it was scheduled to be discussed.  Of course, you can’t teach a quality you don’t possess yourself.
RUBY Oh Michael, I am really looking to you to be the grown up here.  We all know what those two are like.  Someone has to stand up and be the bigger man. 
MICHAEL That certainly won’t be Edward then!  Why do you keep him around?  You know he is unfaithful and he is such a bad influence on Flora.  I have never seen a daughter treat her mother with as much contempt and disrespect as she has for you.  I am not saying …

Episode 3 - The Meeting

EPISODE 3 – The Meeting
RUBY So that brings us to item three – signage.  River, have the A3 head shots and biographies been printed yet? RIVER
We have the images and layouts.  We just need a decision on whether we want the photos in colour or black and white. MICHAEL
Black and white is more traditional EDWARD
They should be in full colour.  It will bring out the blue in my eyes and colour photos are much more attractive.
BRICK Black and white is more dramatic.
RUBY Is there a cost difference?
RIVER Black and white is cheaper.  About a third of the cost.
EDWARD Cost is not an issue.  It is about what is most flattering.
SIENNA How long will we have these?  Are they permanent installations, or just for the event?
RUBY Good question Sienna.  I was imagining these to be up for a while as you are all the core repertory of the company.
BRICK Of course you don’t think money is an issue Edward.  It’s not yours you are spending.
RUBY Enough!  Michael, which wa…

Episode 2 - The First Gathering

MICHAEL River, sweetheart, how is it all going?
RIVER Uncle Mike,  (gives him a hug).
RUBY Is everything ready River?
RIVER Yes Mum.  I am just setting out the agendas now.
EDWARD Well where is everyone.  I don’t have all day to waist.  Let’s get started.
RIVER Brick, Sienna and Flora should just be finishing rehearsal downstairs now.  Emerald won’t be attending.  She says she still has a lot of work to finish on Flora’s costume, with all the changes, and will work better from home.
EDWARD Balderdash!  She is just too scared to come in.  This isn’t going to work you know Ruby.  Emerald is unreliable, always hiding out at home.  She is never around when you need her.
MICHAEL That’s not true you ignorant fool!  She is a designer.  She needs her creative space and she has been working her fingers to the bone getting these costumes ready in time for the launch.  In fact, if it wasn’t for your daughter being so difficult, they would b…